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Ready to make an immediate impact on your content marketing? Here’s a list of 31 highly actionable ideas that can inspire innovative, engaging content marketing. Go out and be epic!

Top Ideas…

– Find at least three thought leaders in your organization and build them into your content plan.

– Assign one employee to SlideShare and figure out how to leverage this tool as part of your content marketing.

– Make sure that every content landing page you develop this year has only one call to action.

– Update your social media influencer list before the end of the year.

– Make it a priority to personalize your content by persona.

– Target one traditional marketing initiative that can be enhanced with content marketing.

– Stop doing the same old press releases, and present them as engaging stories.

– Commission a piece of research that is important to your customers.

– Make sure your content is easy to read on both smartphones and tablets.



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