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As SEOs, we know that video ranks well in organic search and often garnishes more clicks. But video can be timely and expensive to produce.


Some quick tips:

– If you let others control your videos, you lack control. Be careful.

– If you are a supplier, you can use manufacturer videos.

– You can crowdsource video.

– GoAnimate allows you to create an animated video easily.

– can create a video out of existing assets.

– Refresh and reoptimize your YouTube videos.


You can also outsource your video production. Some sites to consider include:




– Local Colleges

– Craigslist

– Fiverr


Some data-driven video options include:





Screen capture options include:

– Recorded webinars

– Camtasia

– Screenflow (mac only)


Some final tips for recording video:

    – Use a dedicated space if you can.

    – Invest. Buy a better camera and microphone or recording device.

    – iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are easy to use.

    – Some graphics and a little background is a nice touch.

    – Take a class (local college or online).


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