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Tracey Parsons laments that Marketing strategies built on bad data are doomed.

Key excerpt…

I think we are thinking about it all wrong. People are not data files, or “consumers”. People are people. They are individuals with interests, needs and intentions. Sometimes, they have an honest intention to explore your products and services. When they do, they will do so in an honest way. But, they are not going to fill out a massive form to get a little information. They will give you small data. Just enough to get the information they need to satisfy their questions, curiosity and intent. When people signal their intent by sharing a little bit of their small data, their personal data, it is up to us to nurture that relationship. When we are respectful of our customer, their privacy and their data, we have a much better chance at nurturing that relationship enough to grow the customer profile over time to get an honest, true picture of your customer. Not the dishonest one begotten by spying and trickery.



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iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Can’t argue relative to B2C, however, the point is applicable to B2B. Our B2B data world is relatively small and controllable…and can be validated…even manually. As I’ve said before, our data will not be Big for a while.

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