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Curating good content is easy for most businesses. But annotating that good content to make it better… requires a little more work. Here’s why you should be adding your insights to the content you curate.

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Here are three reasons why annotation is a crucial part of your curated content.

1. Differentiation

Thought-provoking commentary can help your curation stand out from the noise online and share your subject matter expertise. Annotation separates the retweet bots from the emerging thought leaders.


2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have put a greater emphasis on high-quality content. As a result, curators need to be mindful of how much content they excerpt from a third-party article and avoid duplicate content.  If you use quotes sparingly, add meaningful, well-written commentary, and retitle your content so it doesn’t compete with the original piece in search results, Google will recognize your curation efforts as an original content.


3. Fair Use and Ethics

Whenever you’re using someone else’s content, you need to be attentive to fair use and copyright law. That includes providing proper attribution and a link to anything you’re citing or quoting and adding additional commentary so you’re not simply summarizing or quoting what someone else has already written. Limiting the amount of third-party material that you quote also helps you comply with fair use.



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The best type of curated content is when you can synthesize content from a variety of articles to create a point (something eMarketer does well). My mission is a bit different: get vetted posts to you quickly with summaries so that you can digest and move on.

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