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Radian6, BuddyMedia and social.com will integrate with the ExactTarget platform; what does this mean for marketers?


What stood out for me was the news that ExactTarget is becoming the heart of salesforce.com’s marketing cloud. This is clearly happening not just in name, but in two key concrete ways.


The first is that Scott Dorsey, ExactTarget’s CEO, is leading the marketing cloud organization within salesforce.com. I think this is important because it increases the likelihood that ExactTarget will maintain its culture while growing in line with the larger salesforce.com organization.


The second is that Radian6, BuddyMedia and social.com are being moved under the marketing cloud and integrated into ExactTarget’s next generation platform IMH. It became clear a year or so ago that IMH is far more than a pretty dashboard for an aging platform, but a ground-up implementation of a service oriented architecture (SOA) solution designed to enable rapid development of new features and integration of disparate tools. It appears salesforce.com likes this architecture and will be utilizing it as the heart of its marketing cloud offering. That ExactTarget has made such strides in integrating these platforms in just sixty days is testament to the power and flexibility of the underlying platform architecture.


That’s all well and good for ExactTarget, salesforce.com and their partners, but what about everyone else? This integration, the combining of Radian6, BuddyMedia and social.com into the ExactTarget platform and the new features/capabilities announced at Connections shows how seriously salesforce.com takes data-driven digital marketing.



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iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

This may be the best merge in our space. The assimilation of these disparate pieces into the comprehensive Marketing Cloud (both architecture and marketing) will deliver significant benefits to the SFDC user and future users. It’s turning out to be a no brainer. So if you’re in the market for marketing automation, Pardot is your first stop (and probably your last).

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