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Don\’t let a year go by without engaging your customers. Waiting on the perfect technology means lost opportunity.


You should always be planning ways to get your technology and team to work together for a better customer experience. For that, you don’t have to wait. Look at the tools that you do have. You probably have a content management system (CMS), an email service provider (ESP) and a recommendations tool that you’d love to have working together in unison. But do you have the resources and expertise to achieve this perfect state? If not, pick the ones you can control and develop a strategy around them.


Let’s start with your content management system. Most CMS’ can give you the geographic location of your customers, including whether they are domestic or international. Using that geographic data, you can create segmented email marketing messages based on whether your customer is in Seattle and needs a pair of rain boots, or is in Miami and is looking for a bathing suit.


Your ESP also can offer a lot of data. Information about email open rates or how recently a customer made a purchase can help you provide a more relevant, personalized message.



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For crying out loud, that’s why there’s marketing automation! If you’re doing this, then stop it and start looking for a marketing automation package…NOW! Jeez…

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