Balance Trust With Targeting In Social Reach Marketing – Forrester | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert


There are four categories of contributors create content on your behalf:

  • Your marketing team uses social ads to target your prospects and customers precisely.
  • Employees, resellers, and partners share their experiences with your prospects.
  • Your customers relate to your prospects as peers.
  • Influencers shape the conversation about your solutions.


Each of those content creators vary on how much their messages will be trusted by your customers and how precisely you can target their messaging.  The most highly trusted tactics are effective but can be difficult to use and spread. On the other hand, less trusted tactics are less persuasive, but you control their creation and audience.


As you build your social strategy, you should craft your reach strategy based on the complexity and length of your product life cycle, where more-complex product purchases require the most trust and simpler product purchases benefit most from better targeting.



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iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

As B2B marketers, we find that customers and advocates as well as influencers are efforts in themselves, not to mention budget items (what does your industry analyst budget line item look like?). The first two are easy marks for us, and the last one (influencers) is a function of budget. It’s that Customers and Advocates strategy that’s tough to conquer.

But if you can pull that off…

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