The Top 12 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Thursday, 10/31/13

Sam was as prepared as one could be for the meeting with Jerry.


The CFO had already given her a rash of nonsense for the first draft of the budget, and rightly so. Topically, it was correct, but in retrospect it was not well thought-out, so the exercise to proof it, discuss it with colleagues and cement it with facts was well worth the effort.


Sam presented the case, and Jerry was quiet through the review of Marketing Budget Redux. That’s a good sign, Sam thought. Everything was justified with data, albeit secondary, but what impressed Jerry was the CIO’s buy-in to the plan: if Phil was willing to transfer staff over the Sam as a part of the reorganization behind the data-driven effort, then the approach had to be sound and logical.


“So Philly signed-off on this, but Paula’s not buying, right?” No surprise to Jerry that Paula was digging in her heels: Paula would want to control her team’s destiny with an expanded Inside Sales group and rely on pounding targets with phones, emails, meetings, etc. And Jerry was not going to alienate his VP of Sales with Paula if she perceived Sam’s budget as encroachment and loss of control.


But Jerry found it appealing that there was an alternative to reducing the increase in Inside Sales headcount, especially in light of an increasingly competitive marketplace. Sam’s plan may have legs, Jerry thought.


But he was not 100% in favor.


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