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This article discusses the comparisons drawn and how B2B SEO can augment and benefit from event marketing initiatives.

1. Optimize Event Collateral

— >  Integration of SEO best practices, including keyword research, SEO tagging, and cross-linking, within key online event marketing collateral.

— >  Review of copy for keyword optimization and link references in traditional marketing collateral.

— >  Assembly of digital variations of traditional copy for use in social media platforms and other online mediums (i.e., blog posts, landing pages, etc.)

— >  Review of content placed in third-party sites for event promotion to ensure SEO visibility is maximized.

— >  Coordination of social media visibility in the form of share buttons, social media profile cross-linking, and “share-friendly” messaging.


2. Optimize the Event Itself

— >  Integrate keyword research into content development, specifically presentation headlines and supporting descriptions.

— >  Use high quality graphics and media assets designed to be easily shared (as allowable) in social media platforms.

— >  Make sure applicable presentations, media content, and other promotional material contain requisite embed code and share buttons, either through integration of existing social media assets or direct implementation on site/conference.

— >  Cross-link relevant solutions and content marketing assets from the website where appropriate


3. ‘In Real Life’ SEO Link Building Outreach


4. Showcase Branded Organic Search Referral Growth

Work after the event is just as important as the planning and production. Aberdeen’s report highlights the significance in proper reporting in order to demonstrate ROI of program. One of the ways SEO professionals can support event marketers is through brand related keyword referral patterns.


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This is a very interesting notion, and one that should be assigned to your SEO expert. Categorize this as leveraging your assets.

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