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Now that you are sure your business needs to get into Marketing Automation, which platform do you choose?

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Choosing the best platform for where your business is now, and where it will be in a few years, will save you a lot of headaches. Here are our tips on choosing the best software platform for your needs.


Inventory your needs- now and in the future

Spend some time thinking about your current state of lead collection, management and nurturing. Maybe you don’t have tens of thousands of contacts now, but when you grow, will your automation platform be able to grow with you? If your growth is expected to be big, look for platforms with multiple tiers of service, so that you can add on tools when you need them.


Remember: you are a lead… to the Marketing Automation vendors

Marketing Automation companies are using their own technology to track you as you visit their webpages and walk through their sales cycle. Use this as a litmus test.


Ask your peers


Include IT in your discussions

Many Marketing Automation platforms tout their ease-of-use, and more and more marketers are making technology decisions without consulting their IT departments. It is always best, however, to know what sort of roadblocks might appear once you’ve signed the contract and are trying to deploy.



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Include Sales in your discussions!!

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