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The Direct One-Shot Approach

With this approach, you start off with a clear understanding of what problem you are solving. You then find out who your ideal clients are and you create a marketing piece to reach them. That marketing piece could be a letter, email, postcard, online ad, or print ad. The direct one-shot approach has some great benefits:

— >  Revenue generated right away

— >  Short time to turn ROI positive

— >  Easy to use again and again

— >  Know quickly whether it works or doesn’t

The Two-Plus Step Approach (AKA, the Campaign)

With the campaign approach, your initial goal isn’t to sell right out of the gate. Your primary focus is to get your ideal audience to join your list so that you can send them marketing messages over a period of time. The benefits of the campaign approach:

— >  Can deliver a higher total ROI

— >  Many opportunities to engage and sell to prospects

— >  Ability to test and change many elements for a winning combination

— >  Allows you to educate and build a deep relationship with prospects

You definitely want to keep in mind two considerations when deciding which approach to test first.

1. The cost of your product or service. The higher the price tag, the more educating you’ll have to do. A higher price typically calls for the campaign approach.

2. Your ideal buyer. If you’re selling an app to teenagers, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to put them into an autoresponder funnel and sell them on the benefits of it. It’s something they likely know about already and want. All you need to do is direct them to the sales page and make it easy for them to buy.



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And the answer truly is: it depends! My clients often run repeating emails, optimizing them with each mailing. And it works.

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