When MA is needed, and The Top 14 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Monday, 12/16/13

When do you really need marketing automation?


Suppose you know every single targeted prospect in your market…everyone. You know all the players, responsibilities, purchasing approval processes, etc. Do you need marketing automation? Of course not. You don’t need inbound marketing: SEO, PPC, trade shows, social, advertising, etc. And it’s debatable that you need outbound marketing. You need Account Based Marketing, with a plan for each account. That’s it, that’s what is needed.


On the other end of the spectrum: suppose you do not know a single player. No one. Clearly marketing automation plays a role as a part of the inbound process. More than plays a role: it’s critical.


Suppose you’re somewhere in between. Suppose your company has client Accounts with Contacts but it’s not the complete market. You need to constantly reach out and keep your clients “entertained” with content, while you conduct inbound marketing to bring more into the fold. You need MA. Suppose you have a complete list of everyone in your market, but there is absolutely no relationship. MA plays an important role as you conduct your outbound efforts (inbound is not necessary).


Bottom line: if you have a relationship with everyone in your market, you need ABM. If you have to conduct inbound and/or outbound marketing, you need marketing automation. If you don’t need ABM, inbound or outbound marketing, then you better shake a lot of hands.


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