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Lead management software, which allows for lead scoring and qualification, does a great job in helping to move the more qualified leads to the top. After all, you don’t want the qualified leads to get stuck in an endless loop or traffic jam where they don’t get the attention they need quickly. Conversely, you want to nurture the suspects who might turn into opportunities down the road, rather than scare them off by introducing a salesperson early in the process.


Problems arise when that is viewed as the endpoint and marketing as a whole (not just the demand generation team) is focused primarily on generating MQLs. Provider marketers, especially product marketers, should be tasked with helping sales to create revenue, from the idea stage all the way until the contract signed (repeating again to expand, cross-sell and up-sell). They should be responsible (fully or in collaboration with sales or colleagues in marketing) for a  wide range of actions, all of which are interdependent and impact the ability to win a deal. They include:

— >  Positioning and messaging

— >  Segmentation and targeting

— >  Product launch

— >  Value-added customer-facing content (appropriate for different stages in the buying cycle)

— >  Sales enablement (More on this in future research and blog posts)

— >  Win/Loss analysis

— >  Competitive intelligence

— >  Customer references and advocacy

— >  Ad-hoc sales support as needed



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iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

It comes down to “what is my mission?” It could very well be that corporate says “find a way to bring leads in and bring the best to Sales.” Or the mission could be “generate new revenue streams for Sales” or “redefine the sales funnel” or whatever.

Find the corporate need, and create the solution.

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