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CMOs must not position marketing as a tactical support function, instead a partner in driving profitable revenue growth.

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Pat’s first order of business was to meet with the head of sales, as well as multiple sales managers and individual reps. In each meeting s/he asked one simple question: What do you need from marketing? Pat received many, many answers to this question that all added up to one thing: better day-to-day support.


Nine months after s/he started, Pat was ready to survey sales to measure how much sentiment about marketing’s value had increased. The internal survey revealed that sales reps and leaders viewed marketing as contributing little to no value . . . again! Pat was let go before s/he had been there a year.


Clearly, Pat’s big mistake was positioning marketing as a tactical support function instead of a partner in driving profitable revenue growth. When Pat asked sales what it wanted from marketing, s/he effectively delivered the message that marketing has no idea what to do. In a world defined by empowered b-to-b buyers who typically don’t engage with sales until they are more than halfway through their buying process, Pat should have had a better idea of how marketing should align with sales vs. supporting every single ad hoc request from every single rep.



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Drive growth, not internal satisfaction. And, oh by the way, Sales is satisfied only when they max out on their comp plan, and of course they take all the credit. Don’t be a doormat.

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