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This year’s Digital Marketing Spending Survey yields some interesting insights:

— >  Marketing budgets on the rise  This year’s survey shows marketing spend at 10.7% of revenue, up 8% over last year.

— >  Budgets march toward digital parity  This year, 3.1% of revenue was earmarked for digital, up an impressive 20% from last year.

— >  Customer experience comes forward—the belief that customer is king has graduated from platitude to practice as 77% of respondents report a chief customer officer in name or role among its top executives. Nearly half report into marketing.

— >  Marketing technologists redouble—last year, the rise of the chief marketing technologist equivalent was top news. This year, it’s clear that this is no passing fad. The CMT is now found, in role or title, in 81% of organizations—up from 70% last year. It’s a clear indication that technical chops are crucial to digital marketing magic.

— >  Content and search marketing spend falls off Why? These disciplines are increasingly intertwined as search algorithm changes point to truer measures of audience engagement. Call it the sophomore slump for what are likely to be two solid matriculators on the longer horizon. The rebound will likely depend on a more deliberate focus on proving ROI.



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iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

Customer experience much higher on the priority list than what I would’ve thought. And content slipping just means a tightening of what needs to be done: quality over quantity.

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