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One would think a software company would hate seeing its competitors go public or get acquired for billions of dollars. But after those things happened to marketing automation vendor Salesfusion, the news wasn’t all bad. If anything, Salesfusion has found a chance to shine. Proof comes in an $8.25 million funding round the company revealed today.


Salesfusion, for its part, has been spending its time on what [Salesfusion’s chief executive, Christian] Nahas calls marketing automation 2.0 — going beyond the more traditional abilities around setting up workflows for potential customers based on their interaction with marketing materials.


Salesfusion could end up as a piece of some larger company’s marketing cloud.


And even if Nahas is right about the lack of substantial marketing automation product development at Oracle and Salesforce recently, those companies know how to land piles of big contracts. And perhaps a lack of noise from the big vendors might show that significant new features could be on the way, which could present challenges to smaller players. All of that makes funding for Salesfusion an important add-on.



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iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

A bit of self promotion, sure, but it tells use that MA has not stopped its consolidate efforts, leaving room for the next dev.

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