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Interesting research from Gartner reporting that 81% of firms with greater than $500M in revenue have a chief marketing technologist role. What does this mean for the B2B CMO at firms with less than $500M in annual revenue?


Should this be a harbinger, then you have to believe that there are far fewer budget dollars available at many companies to afford a CMO and a CMT. Something has to give.


On one hand, the CMO can have a Marketing Operations guru to manage staff while not only making sense of the Marketing Technology Landscape, but also finding ways to integrate various pieces. On the other hand, if you believe that marketing is marketing technology, then the CMO has two choice: become ensconced in the technology, or hand over the technology keys to IT.


This is a rapidly moving environment, and will only become more complex as time moves on. And frankly, it may be too late for the traditional CMO to take on the role of CMT. Hope the CIO has room on his/her agenda for marketing technology.


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