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Just as thermostat technology has changed drastically over the years, marketing automation is making strides toward using big data to make marketing and sales more personal.

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A few years ago, a company called Nest completely rethought the thermostat. The Nest thermostat doesn’t require the user to program it. Instead, it learns from user behavior and programs itself — it’s on when the user needs it at the temperature the user wants and it is off when the user isn’t home or in that part of the house. If the user changes habits or preferences, Nest learns and adjusts automatically. Underneath that simple, clean exterior is a powerful, big data engine. And somehow Nest has used all that power and all that data to make the thermostat more human.


Marketing automation is following a similar path. The story about what is under the covers will feature phrases likes big data, machine learning, social nurturing, and predictive analytics. The real story will be simplicity. A solution that learns and adjusts automatically. A solution that looks outside the marketing CRM and delivers more potential leads based on marketing and sales results. A solution that helps marketers and salespeople spend more time building relationships and less time blowing air into an empty room. A solution that uses big data to make marketing and sales more personal — more human.



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More SkyNet, i.e., marketing automation self learning. How long before predictive is incorporated into CRM/MA?

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