What If You Couldn’t Write, and The Top 11 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Friday, 1/31/14

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Suppose you were prevented from writing. How would you fuel your marketing automation with content?


Let’s see. The basic means of communication for marketing automation is email. Can’t get around the Subject Line: that has to be written. So let’s go to the email body, where the content of the email needs to be visual and responsive. Video? Possible, but you need that fall back image for those email clients that will reject HTML5. Infographic? Might work, especially if it’s a teaser to a larger infographic.


OK, so now you’ve got the CTA humming to go…where? Wide variety here: SlideShare, deck with audio annotation, video, webinar, cartoons, dynamic infographic, etc. Of course, your visual content can be adapted to the persona and the sales stage.


Follow-on material? Yup: can be visual content mapped out to what is appropriate. Does the recipient have questions? Click to call, click to video chat.


Visual content only is doable. Here’s what you can’t do: personalize your visual content…yet.


If visual elicits greater reaction, why bother with the written word?


FWIW: Seahawks 17, Broncos 7. You just can’t accurately pass in the cold and wind of the Meadowlands. MVP to Russell Wilson. Marshawn Lynch will run for over 125.


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