Digital Marketing’s Massive Measurement Lies – B2D Digital Marketing

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With all of the data available today you can identify more of the people reached through your marketing than ever before. In turn, that means your reporting is more inflated than ever before. Yikes!

Here are four common culprits.

1. Branded search: crediting what would have happened regardless

2. View-through Reporting: double counting results, and counting what would have happened anyway.

3. Marketing Influenced: you improve this metric by increasing your volume of marketing activity, not improving the performance of your marketing.

4. Retargeting: will almost certainly contribute to over-counting your results.



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iNeoMarketing‘s insight:

What we report is a function of how we measure, and how we measure is a function of the upfront objectives. Be smart and spend the time with those measurables, and relate them to Sales objectives and Corporate objectives.

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