Why LinkedIn Will Suck Up All Your Marketing Dollars—and Why You’ll Like It – Kapost Content Marketeer


LinkedIn has surpassed these early adopters, and emerged as the most important player in the professional content sharing game.


Each of the professional networks’ 300 million users self-organize into industry specific categories, populating the site with personalized data that marketers drool over—like their geographic location, size of company, seniority level, non-profit interests, years of experience, and current job function.

Marketers mine these data fields, slicing and dicing them into manageable segments to communicate with and target.


By posting relevant content to each of these smaller segments at strategic times, sellers can get in front of people they believe to be buyers—instead of wasting budget reaching people outside of their ideal customer profiles.


Investing marketing dollars into LinkedIn’s content distribution channels in unlikely to disappoint, especially as the company continues to invest its own dollars to improve the quality of lead and revenue delivery. For instance, LinkedIn recently bought longtime partner Bizo, a data software company that’s been helping LinkedIn find the “right people” through digital data for years. The outright purchase of Bizo solidifies LinkedIn’s position in support of content.


>> LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates User Guide PDF: the complete how-to user manual for sponsored updates, including how to set up a business page to how to analyze your results

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Source: marketeer.kapost.com

LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Slideshare. That’s it, that’s the list.

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