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In 1995, you could get by with a marketer who could write, lay out an ad, plan a media mix and buy media, do research, buy lists of names for sales to call, and manage trade shows. Every single one of those disciplines has exploded into a specialty. “Buying lists of names” has morphed into database marketing, and become extremely sophisticated. And now we’ve added:

Lead generation
Demand generation
Email marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Lead management (including such tactics as nurturing and scoring)
Content marketing
Social media marketing
Inbound marketing
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Plus, many of the new technologies offer ways to measure marketing efforts that make marketing more accountable than it’s ever been for return on investment (ROI).

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Data management(!), deep MA and CRM experience (hands-on experience), coding (yes: coding!). Knowledge of the tactics AND the operations.

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