The Future and You the Digital Marketer – Gartner

Being aware of the bleeding edge of technology is important, being a slave to it, as a marketer can be paralyzing.

And we can help with avoiding that paralysis.

As we waltz toward the end of 2015, these phenomena are simply our new reality as marketers.  While these rapid changes in consumer behavior have added complexity to our jobs as marketers, a whole new set of tools and techniques are available that help marketers manage changes as I described above.  Data-driven marketing is the new norm. Creativity and hunches, gut feel and all the other “soft” approaches to building strategies and tactics are still useful, but data, analytics tools have to be used to validate hunches and gut feel.  Hunches talk, data-derived strategies and tactics swear, to paraphrase Bob Dylan.

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Data will kill the competition. Not using data will kill your strategies.

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