The Marketing Automation Mandate – Relevance

In any technology cycle, highly trained specialists are required to operate the technology until it evolves to include tools that allow novices to serve themselves. Financial modeling and data analytics are examples of this; online publishing tools is another. Technology has a tendency to democratize access, removing barriers and making advanced tools directly accessible to users.

Today, agencies — and the brands that they work with — want to be more involved in the overall execution process. They want tools and dashboards that they can operate on their own, without the extra step and associated costs of a managed service. They want to set up campaigns that optimize automatically, with rules defined by the customer and the heavy lifting executed by the platform.

These developments do not mean that managed service approaches will disappear. Some agencies don’t have the teams or the bandwidth to do this on their own. Many partners will continue to value managed service because of the level of expertise, support, insight and additional capacity these skilled teams provide.

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Frankly, there is no other choice.

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