Act-On predicts data-based engagement- The Hub

Act-On’s 2016 road map calls for changes in its architecture to include multiple sources of signal data, multiple scoring sheets to produce more sophisticated sales leads, and some way to combine that data through algorithms to yield a greater degree of customer engagement. This is where the combination of CRM and marketing automation makes itself felt. Act-On already scores a potential customer’s interactions with a variety of channels, be web site visits, webinar attendance trade show attendance and such. Marketers use that information to develop and sharpen sales leads, and hopefully convert them into sales

It is at this point where “predicting the future” comes in. Act-On’s 2016 strategy is to sharpen this data further to look for what is “indicative” or “predictive” in the data. That means acquiring data from different sources, scoring that data differently to produce insight, and running it through a different algorithm to bring about that customer engagement.

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For the first time in the category of marketing automation, I’m inclined to tell clients to pause until they learn more about Act-On. This is a game changer.

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