How DMPs Are Like Famous Detectives – Gartner

I’ve said somewhere that a DMP is a “smart database” and I stand resolved. Storage is not the least of its functions. But let’s remember the preamble: It’s smart. It makes decisions. As a fair rule, the DMP relies on links to other systems to get anything done. It’s this existential gap between mind and body that makes the DMP among the most difficult of ad tech-mar tech systems for marketers to understand.

That doesn’t stop us from trying (yet again). let’s think of the DMP as a wonderful tool to:

  • Store, organize and update info you need for marketing and advertising
  • Build targets for advertising and rules for personalizing

Top 10 Amazing Secrets of DMPs

  1. They store data in two different ways
  2. They collect data like everyone else – with tags
  3. They need partners to do onboarding
  4. Their “user profile” is fragmentary
  5. What they call an “audience” is just a segment
  6. They weren’t designed to store creative materials
  7. They were designed to build targets for advertising
  8. They were also designed to personalize websites
  9. Most of what they do is not actually “real-time”
  10. They are better at counting than analytics

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