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Blab, the Seattle-based predictive social intelligence platform, is making that bet today by offering a major upgrade to help clients manage programmatic digital media buys and create content based on predictable social media behavior. “We believe the world’s conversations have a finite number of patterns,” said Scott Saunders, VP of sales and business development at Blab.

Each “conversation”–basically an exchange of comments on social media–will follow a recognizable pattern over the course of 72 hours, Saunders explained. What Blab’s predictive social intelligence platform does is to compare a current conversation against a database of billions of conversations. Knowing the arc of a conversation gives the media buyer a chance to slip in a digital ad at a well-timed moment to capitalize on that burst of social awareness.

Blab has been using its predictive social intelligence platform internally for the previous two years. “We are adding a layer of econometric software on top of that,” Saunders said. Now clients can find out what are the drivers pushing their brands, Saunders said. Those social data sets can be used to model the drivers that make consumers buy a product, based on behavioral economics.

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Can it be applied to social media advertising?

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