Facebook Enters the Live Streaming Space—Do Marketers Need to Care? | Adobe

While Facebook hasn’t made live streaming available to business yet, as a marketer how do you cut through the noise and decide where to focus if live streaming is part of your digital strategy?

Start by analyzing your data to identify where you’re getting the most engagement. It’s a safe bet to assume that most businesses get the majority of it from Facebook. But as organic reach declines and pay to play becomes more common, it’s critical to pay strict attention to where your efficiencies are happening to help you decide where to spend your money. Remember, Twitter and Facebook have different audiences. Early adopters of Periscope were already social, with active profiles on Twitter. Facebook is more static, but adoption rates may be high simply because the audience is vast and they’re pushing it to the masses.

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Source: blogs.adobe.com

Makes sense as users become more comfortable with video communication.

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