What Twitter Gains by Expanding the 140-Character Tweet – WSJ

Twitter’s number-one priority is user growth and retention. Housing more content, in theory, could keep people on its site and lure newbies who click on Twitter links within news stories or in Google’s search results. Once on Twitter, they may be served an ad, and if the company does it right, be enticed to sign up.

While this change is unlikely to be the silver bullet that reignites user growth, it may also help simplify what is still an arcane service to many. Most casual users won’t have the need–or will–to exhaust Twitter’s forthcoming bounty of 10,000-characters. They may, however, feel less frustrated by trying to keep within the confines of 140.

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Source: blogs.wsj.com

The character expansion may be announced by the end of March, so start prepping.

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