5 criteria for selecting an email personalization vendor – VentureBeat

1. Existing customer base

2. Rules-based vs. automated (prescriptive vs. adaptive)

Does the vendor take an approach to personalization that is primarily rules-based, in which marketers can set conditions to trigger specific engagements, or does it take an automated, machine-learning approach? 

3. Data points used for personalization
What data can vendors employ in their personalization strategies, and does this match the data that your organization would like to use? 

4. Predictive modeling or lead scoring
Does the vendor provide predictive capabilities, allowing you to better segment or target customers based on the likelihood of conversion or on the estimated value of conversion? 

5. Integrations
Lastly, look at what types of technology integrations are most important to each vendor’s existing customers and make sure they line up with your own needs. 

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Source: venturebeat.com

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