Is Social Advertising Killing Social Marketing? – Gartner

When social advertising takes over as the driver of social marketing and revenue becomes the primary goal, social marketing stops being about audience engagement and becomes just another direct response channel. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Advertising, no matter how well-placed, creative or clever, is about selling stuff.

Without a healthy balance of earned and paid media, organic engagement and advertising, human and data-driven interactions, online audiences will revolt. If social marketers and social networks view online communities as merely advertising platforms, audiences will treat them in the same way—blocking ads, disengaging from the discussion and turning away from brands to other forms of engagement.

If you’re using social advertising, make it part of a holistic social marketing strategy. Invite the entire social team, including content strategists and community managers, to collaborate, share insights and develop plans that include paid, earned and owned media and organic engagement. Review results often—not just clicks and conversion, but also metrics that show the health of your social community.

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Agree! It’s a part of an overall mix. However, that’s still not going to stop the death of the golden goose.

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