Most marketers can’t predict the customer journey and admit they aren’t maximizing revenue – VentureBeat

In the report — entitled “Predicting Routes to Revenue” — only 5 percent of marketers say they have mastered the ability to adapt and predict the customer journey and truly understand which actions will derive maximum value.

The study — which is based on insights from more than 150 senior marketing executives surveyed primarily across North America and Europe during the fourth quarter of 2015 — also reveals that only 3 percent of respondents said they were realizing the full revenue potential of their customers. Almost half (47 percent) said they were not maximizing revenue, 44 percent said they were working on it, and 6 percent revealed that they simply didn’t know how well they were doing at all.

When it comes to delivering on brand promises to customers, the outlook is equally bleak. Only 16 percent of marketers feel that their organizations are delivering customer experiences that fulfill their brand promises, while two-thirds say their efforts in this area are hit or miss, and 14 percent say they are completely missing the mark.

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This shouldn’t be surprising, as the buyer’s journey is as varied as snowflakes. The challenge is to be there when needed.

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