The MarTech Digest™, for Tuesday 2/2/16 #MarTech #DigitalMarketing

Today’s digests of curated articles summarized for your quick review: 


-> How Marketers Are Measuring Customer Engagement – eMarketer

-> Need New Marketing Tech? Make Sure You Look Under The Hood – Marketing Land

-> 8 Steps to Guarantee Marketing Automation Success – Oracle

-> 3 Marketing Automation Misconceptions to Avoid – LeadMD

-> Tools To Convince Your Leads To Convert In 8 Steps – The Daily Egg

-> Digital Tactics that Help Acquire, Convert, Retain Customers [Report] – V3B

-> Five Ideas For Radical Shifts In Your 2016 B2B Marketing Budget – Forbes

-> How We Increased Organic Traffic by Over 50% Using Technical SEO Updates – HubSpot

-> How to Use Google Analytics to Shape Your Marketing Strategy – Kissmetrics

-> The Five-Step Process for Writing Powerful Call-to-Actions – Kissmetrics

-> Why a Single View of the Customer is Vital for Marketers – Signal


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