The Art of Building Your Twitter Following, According to Twitter – Hootsuite

“Follow people likely to engage
While it’s a no-brainer that you’ll need to follow others on Twitter in order to get followers yourself, who you follow makes a huge difference between an engaged and passive community

Create content that drives interaction
Showcase qualities in easily shareable and interesting ways. The number one way to do this is through visuals. Tweets with rich media get 313 percent greater engagement, and 52 percent more Retweets—numbers that can’t be scoffed at. With the ability to add GIFs, Vines, or attach up to four photos per Tweet, the possibilities are endless.

Track engagement
Now that your engagement and follower levels are naturally growing, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on and measure the impact of your Twitter efforts. Monitoring not only the number of followers you have, but their overall value in contributing to Twitter conversations offers important insight. It’s also recommended to monitor what Tweets are getting the most traction, as you can inform your content strategy based on findings there.”

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Nothing earth shattering, just the basics (that are often ignored).

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