Predictive analytics tech firm Infer sees record growth – FierceCMO

Predictive analytics technology is a growing space in the marketing world, giving marketers the ability to leverage data to predict customer behavior. The buzz around predictive analytics solutions has paid off for predictive tech specialist Infer, which just announced a 500 percent jump in existing customer spend over the past quarter.

Infer launched its Prospect Management Platform last November and ties the rise in customer spending to that new offering. Infer also computed nearly 300 million predictions in Q4 2015, which represents a 150 percent quarter-over-quarter increase.

The Infer Prospect Management Platform puts a twist on predictive scoring solutions by giving marketers the ability to combine all of their buying signals into data-rich, descriptive and actionable profiles. Infer says this approach delivers key prospect information at a glance in order to help sales and marketing teams provide more personalized engagement and an improved customer experience.

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