They Laughed When I Used This Subject Line Tactic, But Then I Sent The Email… – GetResponse Blog

“When to use curiosity? There are special occasions when using Curiosity is especially fitting:

  • Inform subscribers of interesting info that they otherwise would not have looked at.
  • When they have been inactive and the trick is to re-engage / activate them.
  • When you are introducing something new
  • When it really is a secret / exclusive (for instance information that you would need to log in for)
  • When people will receive a surprise or gift later on.
  • When people are benefit driven and would like to know how to get that benefit. For example: “How we reached X, without doing Y”

Questions are the Swiss army knife of a valuable discovery. Use them to find value and curiosity that you can than turn into different subject lines.”

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The post’s focus: how curiosity drives conversions.

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