MarTech Maven Scott Brinker: The Adobes And The Oracles Missed The Opportunity – Marketing Land

Brinker sees companies using Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM), Oracle’s BlueKai for its data management platform, Adobe for its Web Experience Manager, Marketo for marketing automation around email, a Sprinklr for social media management and an assortment of other tools for other tasks.

He added, there are “very few cases of companies of size that have standardized on a vendor” like Adobe or Oracle. Brinker said he isn’t “buying the end-to-end solution,” since, at least for the short term, many companies utilize a “heterogenous marketing stack.”

This mix-and-matching, Brinker said, “is partly the result of a missed opportunity by the Adobes and Oracles. When this stuff was just starting, I thought there was a missed opportunity for an ecosystem.” Instead of all-in-one marketing clouds, he recalled, the Adobes and the Oracles could have made “a platform play.”

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Because you just can’t! For the platform to really succeed, it needs to be best of breed for everything, and it’s damn near impossible (or not worth it).

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