Technology’s “Strategic Imperatives” = Marketing Brilliance – Chiefmarketer

For digital marketers, it’s most productive to think of the “strategic imperatives” as framing not only an enterprise’s strategic direction but also serving as the wellspring for its marketing and sales campaigns.

Here’s a case in point: IBM projects strategic imperatives-related sales will generate $18 billion, or 40%, of the company’s overall revenue by 2020. Nearly all of its messaging and marketing mechanics now are built on that paradigm.

Because most enterprises are aligning product development and sales initiatives around one or more of the “imperatives,” the opportunity for digital marketers is virtually unparalleled.

With this in mind, a 2016 digital marketers blueprint should be built on three “strategic imperatives:” 1) Data-driven customer engagement, 2) Mobile technology’s omnipresence, and 3) Monetizing metrics to measure social media.

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