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2. How has technology enabled personas to become the core of customer intelligence?

The landscape of customer intelligence solutions has always been focused on how to aggregate the right information about customers to make informed, relevant decisions across their lifecycle. Personas, however, have traditionally been considered a departure from customer intelligence efforts, as they are often constructed without any real intelligence (unfortunately many companies still use internal assumptions about buyers to construct personas) and live in static, disconnected formats such as a Powerpoint or PDF.

The rise of technology in the marketing industry has led to an explosion of information available to marketers about their buyers. We are sitting on gold mines of behavioral data in our marketing automation systems, for example, that can be used to validate some of these assumptions we’ve made about our personas. Data providers track immense amounts of highly actionable information about buyers across the web, including what they’re reading and downloading, what technologies they’re using, what’s happening in their industry and more. This information can be used to enhance our understanding of target audiences and in a real-time way so that personas are not only valid, they are maintained and kept up-to-date with our changing buyers.

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Only solid research leads to solid personas. I scooped only one of the many questions posed.

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