Customer Experience Matrix: Why Designing Your Marketing Technology Stack is a Waste of Time

The obvious lesson is that marketers should also expect continued flux as new technologies are invented and refined. But while the need to plan for such change is a commonplace among industry gurus, myself included, I haven’t seen much attention paid to the less-obvious conflict between planning for change and standard approach of defining requirements, designing an architecture to meet those requirements, and then buying components to flesh out that architecture. 

This means managers need tools designed to deal with continuous change.  These include systematic ways to decide when to adopt a new technology and when to wait for further improvements, and ways to ensure that a technology you adopt doesn’t prevent you from taking advantage of future technology that is more important. Early twentieth century managers invented industrial engineering, standardized fittings, and return on investment analysis for precisely those reasons.  Todays’ marketing technology managers need similar tools but I don’t hear much discussion about how to create them.

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XML as a solution for interchangeability? 

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