Google’s Removing Right-Side Ads, But How Will It Impact Organic Search Results? – HubSpot

Will this impact marketer’s organic results? Yes it will — although it’s hard to say how exactly. While fewer ads could increase organic traffic, a fourth ad above organic results could also push results down the page to a point that lowers traffic. When you consider that the further down a result appears in SERPs, the lower the clickthrough rate it receives, it’s reasonable for us to assume there’s going to be a negative impact on organic traffic.

It’s also important to remember that this is one of many significant changes to the SERPs in the past few years. The introduction of the Featured Snippet and Knowledge Graph results created even more distractions from the traditional blue links that represent organic results. As marketers, you should be paying attention to the types of results that are being displayed in SERPs for keywords that you’re trying to rank organically for so that you can provide content that’s formatted optimally.

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What’s the bigger game plan here for Google?

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