What Is Predictive Analytics? – MarTech Landscape from Marketing Land

Marketers and others now have the resources to make much more accurate guesses. Computer-based predictions, utilizing mounds of big data, are sprouting up in many industries besides financial services, including health care, fraud detection and political campaigns.

In marketing, predictive analytics is becoming so commonplace that — one can predict — there may come a time in the not-too-distant future when its use is assumed in most systems. Already, it would almost be easier to list the marketing vendors who do not say they use some form of predictive technology.

There are predictive lead scorers like Versium, Everstring, Mintigo and Infer. Boomtrain offers predictive targeting for email, Tapjoy does predictive advertising and Lytics provides predictive content. Some level of prediction is built into a variety of marketing platforms, including Act-On and Salesforce.

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Source: marketingland.com

And this pretty much captures it.

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