3 Ways to Keep Your MarTech Stack Tidy – Marketo

1. Address the Root Causes Before Taking on New Technologies
During the SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange conference, one of the key takeaways for marketing was to focus on people, process, and technology—in that order. I would suggest adding data into this framework, so focus on people, process, data, and then technology. 

2. Develop a Technology Roadmap and Integration Strategy
Before rushing to buy the next new shiny object, have a plan first. Develop a technology roadmap that specifies what core components you need in your MarTech stack. Once the core stack components are identified, then identify what gaps you still have and plug each with the right unitasker. Along with the roadmap, have an integration strategy that addresses how data and process will flow through the stack.
-Marketing automation
-Data management and integration
-Data visualization and reporting
-Content management and personalization

3. Determine How You Will Measure Before You Buy
Before you commit to a new MarTech solution, ask yourself: How will you measure and keep track of the performance and return on investment of the new solution? 

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