5 Key Strategies to Content Distribution – Relevance

These five strategies can help your message resonate with the groups you want to reach:

1) Maximize your SEO
Test different keywords and buzz terms on different articles to see how far they stretch your SEO outreach. \


2) Recycle your content
Keep a robust library of reusable content, and don’t be afraid to tweak previous work to fit today’s needs. 


3) Turn employees into advocates
An essential part of an effective word-of-mouth strategy is installing an employee advocacy program throughout your company. 


4) Provide social variety
If you blanket the same messages in the same manner across Twitter, Facebook and any other social account your company uses, people will start to tune you out. Each channel has unique quirks and user demographics, so be sure to vary your topics and word choice across them. 


5) Create interactive content
Today’s audiences expect content to go beyond words on a page, so go out of your way to incorporate interactive components throughout your marketing material. Quizzes, surveys, games and clickable infographics are just a few ways to get your target demographic more involved with your message and excited by what you have to offer.


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Source: relevance.com

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