Customer Journey Analytics: A Manifesto – Gartner

“Today’s marketing analyst uses too many tools. We have to: it’s just the way that it is. These can be divided into five basic types:

  • Web and Mobile Analytics — measuring engagement with sites and mobile apps (which themselves often need a different tool)
  • Social Analytics — applying text analytics, counting and graph methods to posts
  • Media Analytics — attribution and marketing mix modeling (either separately or combined) for measuring the impact of paid media
  • Customer Journey Analytics — using CRM and marketing system data to track known individuals over time
  • Voice of the Customer Analytics — mining customers’ perceptions and opinions using surveys, text analytics and feedback cues


“Customer Journey Analytics: What is this? It’s actually an interesting and relatively early-stage set of methods and tools that grew out of CRM. Leaders in the space include Thunderhead (“It’s Not Your Journey, It’s Theirs”) and Clickfox, names little known in digital marketing departments. And there’s some promising start-up activity (see Pointillist). These tools build a customer profile based on known attributes — value, loyalty, product preferences, locations — and layer on how they behave over time in digital channels or stores. Any data scientist will see the value of such information, gathered from enough individuals, to marketings’ efforts to improve offers, messages, timing and sales.”


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Another Holy Grail? 

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