How CMOs Can Prove the ROI of Tech Investments – Convince & Convert

“Integrated CRM


Make sure your sales team is aligned with your strategy and effectively following your leads through the funnel. Your platforms, such as social media management software, should be flawlessly integrated with your marketing automation and your CRM platform, such as Salesforce.

Proven Technology

Analytics are driving so many marketing strategies as of late, it’s surprising companies got by without them. While all marketing automation platforms have some form of analytics, you can also have a separate program to strengthen your comprehension of what works and what doesn’t. Having a proper analysis platform can take a statistics-driven plan to the next level. Some statistics hold more weight than others and can have a positive impact on aiming content to your audience or understanding customer needs. Engagement is a huge part of this, so make sure to look for an analytics program that includes numbers about user interaction.”I sco


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I scooped only these two factors (CT for others). Here’s the critical factor that’s missing: what ties everything together so that proper attribution can take place?

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