Extend Your Marketing Video’s Shelf Life: How and When to Iterate – Profs

1. Update the metadata

One of the easiest ways to bring renewed energy to a video is to update its metadata—that is, its title, description, and tags. When you upload a video to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, you can go in at any time and update that information to make your videos more discoverable.

2. Swap out outdated content and branding

Video content is made up of a variety of building blocks—footage, photos, music, titles, captions, and more—that can easily be rearranged and replaced to update video content.

3. Redirect viewers to the updated video

Once you have updated a video, there are several ways to redirect viewers from the older version to the newer one. On social media and your website, it can be as simple as taking down the old video and replacing it with the new one.

4. Continue to share and update content


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