Thoughts on the Salesforce ecosystem – Enterprise Irregulars

A few questions I hope Salesforce starts to focus on

a) Where’s’ the payback from the ecosystem?

It would be nice for Salesforce to highlight payback customers have seen attributable to the “tax” for the use of the partners and technologies.

b) Why are more on-premise customers not leveraging the ecosystem?

In my interviews with SAP customers (and many other on-premise ones) I often hear that they cannot find broad functionality in the cloud. They tell me they can find plenty of core accounting, SFA, HR capabilities but vast swaths of vertical and even horizontal coverage are still missing. 

c) Where are the metrics for the ecosystem?

Salesforce has led the software industry in sharing uptime and other metrics. It should do the same with its SI partners – metrics on timeliness and budgets, T&E as percent of fees etc. 


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