Progressive Functionality: Marketing Tech That Grows With You –

Progressive functionality has been picking up more adherents in the marketing technology space lately. The basic idea is that the customer pays an extremely small cost for the app, which, in turn, drives initial usage and helps build loyalty. Once the user has a sense of the benefits the app has to offer, he can pay a little more to upgrade to a version with more functionality and so on—all the way up the chain to the full premium version.

Many companies’ customers are responding positively to the progressive model—and it is not hard to see why. Users have witnessed what freemium options often result in—very few features, tons of pop-up ads, no tech support, and so on—and they are deciding that they would rather pay a small initial cost to receive ad-free apps that will be supported over the years.

Companies, themselves, are getting behind progressive functionality, too—and not just the companies that sell the apps. Market-analysis firms are also beginning to prefer the progressively functional model because paid versions of apps are often designed to support detailed analytics on loyal customers instead of anonymous stats on unknown users.


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For the smaller apps, sure. But for the platforms, it’s damn near impossible to try ‘n buy as it requires a steep setup and integration phase.

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