10 Must-Have Tech Skills For Every Digital Marketer – Portent

  • Write a blog post in code view, not WYSIWYG mode. 
  • Resize and compress an image using the right file format. 
  • Explain the difference between a session, a unique visitor and a pageview. 
  • Explain the difference between log file analysis and javascript-based analytics, and what it takes to do both.
  • Explain how HTML, CSS and javascript fit together. 
  • Move a file from one computer to another without dragging and dropping, using e-mail or exposing that file to the entire planet. 
  • Sketch out what happens between a click on a link and final delivery of the target page, from browser to server and back again.
  • Pick a language. Create a form, accept input and show the result three times on submit. 
  • Explain the work that goes into creating and launching good code.
  • Explain server response codes. 200. 301. 302. 404. 500. 


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Source: www.portent.com


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